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The Monsoon Team



Ted Liao

Chef / Co-Owner

Meet Ted Liao, a Michelin Chef hailing from the picturesque Miaoli region in Taiwan. Ted's culinary journey is deeply rooted in nature, reflecting his passion for clean and sustainable cuisine. With a commitment to transparency, he believes in the honesty of ingredients, crafting dishes that speak truth on the plate.

Ted's culinary path led him through kitchens in Australia and Taiwan, where he faced challenges early on. Undeterred, he persevered, dedicating himself to rigorous training.

Overcoming the hurdles, he transformed his culinary awareness.

Ted is not just a *chef; he is a spiritual soul deeply connected to nature. His affinity for trees, especially the ancient ones, is evident in the energy he draws from them. He's also an animal lover!


This spiritual connection informs his culinary philosophy, resulting in experiences that transcend the plate. Today, he is dedicated to crafting memorable culinary experiences that not only delight the palate but also contribute positively to our well-being.

Ted is now a *celebrated TV Host of the award-winning lifestyle TV show, A Meal and a Meet on Hakka TV. He has been featured in Tatler, La Vie, Shopping Design, 500 Times, Mingchu and MM Milk. He's also a Judge for the Taipei Nightmarket Festival.

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Phil Han

Creative Director / Co-Owner

Meet Phil Han, a Singapore-born visionary with a genuine passion for exploring the world. His journey led him from the vibrant streets of New York, where he contributed to *award-winning VH1/MTV projects like 'Behind The Music,' the Billboard Music Awards, and The Fashion Awards, to over 13 years in Los Angeles refining his skills in branding and entertainment.

During his time in LA, Phil collaborated with major brands like E! Entertainment, G4, and CNN, crafting successful campaigns for figures such as Ryan Seacrest and the Kardashians, as well as various Oscar Red Carpet shows. He went on to launch campaigns for Tyra Banks and box office hits like Snow White & The Huntsmen.

Returning to Asia, Phil founded a digital agency, catering to esteemed clients like Robinsons Singapore and Roche. Phil's expertise didn't go unnoticed and he was headhunted to lead the team at Wunderman Thompson for Unilever, he oversaw markets in China, India, Brazil, MENA, South East Asia, and Japan.

A serendipitous encounter with Ted marked a defining moment for Phil, allowing him to align with his true purpose, blending international experiences, creative brilliance, and unwavering dedication to Monsoon. (Ask him about the hat!)

*Phil has earned 24 international awards in marketing and advertising, and his work has been published alongside renowned artists like Bjork and Madonna.

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